Berkshire Oak Barns


The groundwork is the first stage of the project, it is imperative that the foundations, brickwork and oversites are built to meet the specifications of structural engineers and building control. We ensure the dimensional accuracy of all groundwork to meet the design specifications of the oak framed building. The standard groundwork consists of the following;
  • Concrete foundations constructed to a width of 450mm and a depth of 1m.
  • A series of 225mm wide brick walls constructed to a total height of 450mm (3 courses below ground level and 3 courses above).
  • Lay 150mm compacted sub-base to the entire floor area of building.
  • A damp proof membrane to be laid underneath the concrete oversite.
  • Cast a 150mm concrete oversite incorporated with a reinforced mesh.
  • The installation of hopper head gullies located below downpipes. All gullies to be connected via 100mm underground drainage pipes and will discharge into a soakway.